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Drewmar Consulting Services

Corporate Management Solutions for the Beverage Alcohol Industry


Answering the Challenge – Distributor Management and Leadership Training


Thirty-five years in the wine industry has given us insight into why many companies fall short at delivering their best performance. As a result, we have created a consultancy based on these insights and the power of sharing them with leaders in our industry. For instance:

Why you are in business matters more than what you sell and how you sell it.

Your people are your number one asset - how you attract and build a sales and distribution team will have an absolute impact on your success.

Leadership is neither a title or a rank. True leadership is a choice, to look after and coach the employees below you, next to you and even above you.

Focus on employee strengths - stop trying to fix what's wrong with people, and you will double your effectiveness as a leader.

Great managers listen to everyone. By being heard, employees continue to grow, develop and contribute to the overall welfare of the organization.

When it comes to customer service, focus on results and not processes. Customers only care about the former. Only managers care about the latter.

Mentor in hindsight. All people learn more intensely when they have the opportunity to experience their own successes and failures.

Your culture matters, more than your process and your strategy combined.




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Our Mission

“To teach better than best practices to the beverage alcohol industry, through onsite seminars, evaluations and real-time coaching, in a way that is engaging, friendly, and easy to remember.”

Bill Sciambi


Our Competitive Advantage

Simply put we have done this before. We have succeeded more times than we have failed, and we have failed enough times that you don’t have to.

We have experience in fine wine sales, distributor management, supply chain management, customer service and brand management.

We have a strong record of achievement in building sales organizations and market share, management, forecasting, strategic planning and follow through to reach immediate and long term goals.



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