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Consulting Fees, Packages and How to Contact Us

“We teach the industry best practices, in a way that is engaging, friendly, and easy to remember.”

Sales, Management & Leadership Training Packages

Half Day Training Seminars (3 hours of workshop plus breaks)

$500 per person*

Minimum five people

Fee capped at ten participants

Full Day of Training Seminars

$900 per person*

Minimum five people

fee capped at ten participants

Two Days of Training Seminars

$1500 per person*

Minimum five people

Fee capped at ten participants

*plus travel expenses

Contact us for consulting rates

Depending on the the project, we offer an hourly rate or a flat rate for consulting services. We tailor the fees to the size of your company and the complexity of the business. Projects with defined parameters, deliverables and deadlines are estimated and a flat rate will be quoted. Our basic hourly rate is $150 per hour. Retainers are negotiable and must be paid upfront.

Book an appointment

Use the form below to contact us. Please include your industry tier (winery, importer, distributor) along with your number of employees. To help us best serve you, we recommend that you describe the issues you’re having and what you want to achieve. You may also email or call us to make an appointment.

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Who Benefits?

  • Managers, all divisions (not just sales), all levels, who will learn how to use positive reinforcement to lead teams to better effectiveness and performance, and how to hold their people accountable in ways that are respectful and consistent with company goals and values.

  • New and/or Veteran Sales Representatives, who will learn selling techniques, time/territory management, prospecting and account development skills.

  • Key Account Specialists, who will learn how to prioritize their work, their time, and their territory to reach their goals.

  • Supplier Partners, who will think twice before considering a move to a competing distributor that doesn’t demonstrate the same commitment to teaching and training.

  • Customers, old & new, who will receive the benefit of a well-trained organization, up-close and first-hand.


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We are located in the greater New York Metropolitan Area

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9AM - 6PM


(908) 391-8547